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Blogger on Dancing with Chickens, backyard chicken keeper, natural chickne keepr, ballet dancer and baking enthusiastWelcome to Dancing with Chickens! I’m glad you’ve taken interest in backyard chickens, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to answer any questions you may have. Chickens have always been an interest to me, and I’m so glad to see how many others out there share it! I think there’s a lot of learning I and other chicken keepers have to do yet, but imagine in a matter of a few years where the backyard chicken keeping trend will be.

Or perhaps you’re here for the baking side. Baking is defiantly a lot of fun, no denying that. Finding the perfect bread recipe and enjoying it fresh with some coffee or tea couldn’t be more relaxing, am I right? And as fall is coming to a close, I think you’ll enjoy these pumpkin scones with a spiced glaze for your thanksgiving breakfast, or a warm snack all year-long!


Lately I’ve been following the backyard chicken flock trend, and I really think of them as my pets more so just egg layers. I mean, I’ve had chickens since I could remember, but now I’m really getting into how their bodies work, how to treat illness, and that sort of thing. I watch my flock to see what they eat and don’t eat, and which bugs are their favorites. I also am constantly observing for a sick hen or a bully in the flock, just to help keep things in order. I’ve had about 4 flocks of hens that I raised from chicks, and they’ve all been such a wonderful experience to me. Each chicken has had a different personality, and it’s defiantly the cutest thing to watch a chick grow up and develop their own little flair.

My Blue Laced Red Wyandotte from my newest batch of littles.


My flock of 14 are all happy and healthy, and with winter coming in soon and the big girls almost of laying age, I’m expecting some eggs within the next 4-5 weeks, and I can’t be more excited. You never realize how much you miss fresh eggs until you have to buy them!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m pursuing a dance career as well. I study ballet and pointe, and I’m classically trained. I started dancing when I was five, and slowly I’ve begun to love it more, despite a past phase of wanting to become a tap dancer.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest for more updates and my favorite hacks in dance, baking, and chickens.

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