New Chicken Coop Series?!

First night in the coop!

Yes! I’ve decided to create a series of blogs about chicken coops! I think that your coop, run, and everything in between is really important, so I believe sharing this series will be highly beneficial to all you new chicken keepers! I’m newer at this myself, so I think it’ll be a learning experience for the both of us! Get ready for it!

What will the series be about?

  • For starters, I’m going to explain all the different types of chicken coops, which ones I recommend, where in your yard would be practical, and building your own coop. I’ll also get in depth on nesting boxes, how big they should be, how many you should have, and what goes in them. I’ll also fully explain runs, like how big they should be, landscaping your run, and predator proofing your run. Also, i’ll explain all about bedding, plants, dirt, and discuss different wires (chicken wire etc.).

How many blogs?

  • Oh trust me, there will be lots! This series is going to be LOADED with facts, so that means I’m going to be posting many blogs in the same category. (category meaning Coops, Runs etc.) For example, on the Nesting Box category, I’ll be posting many different blogs about the specific details on nesting boxes. Of course, I’ll still be posting baking blogs and dance blogs, but for now this series will be a main focus!

What other facts will be in this series?

  • I definitely want to discuss free ranging, coop safe decor, and coop DIYs. Who doesn’t love a good DIY?

I’m super excited to start sharing this series! Comment down below what you think I should start with, or what your most interested in learning. Even if you don’t own chickens (yet, I mean, they’re highly addictive), this series will inform you on everything you need to know for your first flock. Maybe you are here because you’re looking to redo your current setup (I’m actually looking to expand my run, so that will be part of the run series), which is totally great! Sometimes we realize that our original setup wasn’t big enough, or your looking for a bigger coop, but who said that wasn’t an easy fix?

I don’t want to give to much away, even though I probably just spilt all the tea lol. I find it hard to be secretive on what I’m doing, I always feel the need to just vent it all out! if you would like updates on my chicks and current coop and run (and possibly more tea on the series), go follow my Instagram by clicking the icon in the social icons or clicking on one of my recent Instagram photos. If you already follow me, then be sure to click the subscribe notification for free emails on when I post, so be sure to check that out! I’m still not decided on when the series is going to be released, but hopefully not to long from now! So glad ya’ll are starting to tune in here, and can’t wait for great things to come! Until next time!

Dancing With Chickens


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