The Best Cold-Hardy Chickens

Guess what! I was reading the Farmers’ Almanac’s Twitter, and I saw predictions for snow this year! And that means cold temperatures, so it’s best to remember about that when you order chicks this fall.  Cold-hardy breeds might be the better option if you live up north, where the temperatures can get below freezing or pretty close to 0. If you live in the south, heat-hardy breeds would be better as there’s always next summer to consider! Chickens generally do better in the cold anyways, but for y’all northerners, this list will be a good thing to look back on when you order your next batch of chicks!

Which breeds are Cold-Hardy?

Most cold-hardy breeds are covered in thick, fluffy feathers and small pea combs to keep warm warm and help prevent frostbite. For non cold-hardy birds, be sure that you can tuck them between two big fluffy girls at night to stay warm.

These pretty girls from Off the Grid News. Wish it would snow this much in NC!
  • Orpingtons
  • Australorps
  • Silkies
  • Wyandotes
  • Rhode Island Reds
  • New Hampshire Reds
  • Barred Rocks
  • Delawares
  • Brahmas
  • Salmon Favarolles
  • Easter Eggers
  • Ameraucana
  • Marens
  • Jersey Giant
  • Barneveleder
  • Buckeye
  • Cochin
  • Sussex
  • Welsummer

*Some heat-hardy breeds don’t do well in the winter, typically the smaller, more fragile breeds, so keep that in mind when purchasing your chickens.

This girl from Backyard Chicken Coops. Barred Rocks do great in the cold!


If I haven’t gotten you intrigued yet, then visit My Pet Chicken, Meyer Hatchery or Murray McMurray Hatchery for some chicks for this fall! I hope this helped all of you people looking for some good, cold-hardy breeds, and I’d love to see which ones you got! You can DM me on Instagram or comment on this post what breeds you have!

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