Clover for Chickens, Good or Bad?

This is a fairly common question, is clover good or bad for chickens? It’s a topic that’s been argued back and forth, and here’s some reasons why I don’t find any harm in feeding clover to your chickens, or letting them eat it by free-ranging.

What does Clover do for Chickens?

Since the 1950’s, people have said to remove clover from your yards to help with bees and because it wasn’t good for your chickens to eat, but according to studies, this information is highly misleading. Clover absorbs nitrogen from the air and is fairly common in grass seed mix, along with being really good for your chickens. Whenever grass isn’t available, giving your chickens grass is good as well because it’s full of nutrients that won’t do any harm, plus they love it! Clover is full of calcium, niacin, vitamins such as A and B, iron, protein, and is good at stabilizing the digestive tract.

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Too Much Clover?

There is such thing as to much clover, as it is a blood thinner because it contains coumarin, but when letting your chickens eat it on their own, they know how much is good, similar to how they know what to eat and what not to eat and how much food is enough. Smart, right? Whenever I pick my chickens grass to throw in their run when they’re not free ranging, I make sure to throw in clover with the grass, but not a ton of clover. I think the only time you would have a problem is if you gave them a bucket full of clover in one sitting, but it’s not like that would happen anyways.

I don’t find anything wrong in feeding my chickens clover, and while they roam around the clover patches in my yard I like to think they’re trying to find a four leaf clover! Even if they did i’m sure they’d eat it before I could even snap a picture, but the point is they’re getting plenty of nutrients. Clover is super easy to plant and grow, and it’s fairly common, so I doubt you’ll have a problem in finding some to feed your chickens. Go on, try it!

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