Fireplace Ash for Chickens?


With this cold weather coming and the snow falling, it’s the perfect time for the fireplace and all the warm toasty fires. Along with that, there’s all that ash that is like gold for chickens to fluff in. It’s full of amazing vitamins and good benefits for your chickens, and it’s pretty easy to come across during the winter. As long as your wood isn’t chemically treated, it is a good idea to sprinkle it where your chickens dust bathe.

The benefits of Ash?

Ash not only is amazing to use in their dust bathing area, but actually is beneficial if your chickens eat some. Mixing less than 1% ratio of ash in their feed will work wonders! The ash works as detoxifier and flushes out the toxins in a chickens body. Ash also contains calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. It even helps to prevent internal parasites. Crazy, right?

Here’s where ash in the dust bath comes into play. Ash works to suffocate mites and other parasites, such as D.E would. Adding the ash from a wood fire into their favorite corner will be greatly appreciated! Even a little handful will work, and whatever extra ash you have can be sprinkled in your coop, added to their feed, added to your garden, or stored for later.

Ash in the Garden

With winter here, your garden is probably on it’s break right now. Once spring rolls around, you’re going to be itching to plant herbs and vegetables, so here’s how ash can be used in the garden. 

Ash is good for balancing the pH in soil, so if your soil is acidic, using a good amount of ash is a good idea. Also, sprinkling ash in your lawn and then watering it is shown to aid in the growth of clover in your yard, which just so happens to be good for the bees and your chickens… 

I hope you decide to use ash in your coop and garden, as it will greatly benefit your plants and chickens. It’s an essentially free and natural way to prevent parasites, aid your garden, and boost your chicken’s health. What’s not to love? 

Dancing with Chickens 



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