What’s Been Clucking Around My Coop Lately


I haven’t exactly been ‘present’ on here lately. I mean, I’ve been posting a few things, but they haven’t been the kind of eye-catching content that is really enjoyable to read. Alright, I’ve been slacking. Yep. Slacking. I had a little sit down with myself the other day, thinking, what can I do differently that would make this blog more enjoyable, my chickens happier, and myself less bored. I’ve got a set list of goals for myself now, and a list of chores for this spring in the coop. A long list if I do say! So here’s a wrap of what I’ve been up to, my plans for this year (yes I know I’m late), and an update on my flock.

About 4 months ago, I partially tore my IT band while stretching. This really hampered my ability to take care of my chickens like they deserved. Even though I couldn’t control that, I still felt guilty. You know what I mean. The doctors had me in this giant knee immobilizer that would prevent my knee from moving and becoming further injured, or to keep it from doing much of anything. I couldn’t put any weight on my leg for about a month, and I was given crutches as well. Of course this meant I couldn’t dance for a while either, which was very devastating for me. Surgery wasn’t needed, thank goodness, and I’m back to doing everything I was prior to the injury.

I went into what I like to call a creative halt. I couldn’t think of any new content that would be different from everything else that’s on the internet right now. As we know, the only things I’ve put out the last few months was informative blogs on topics we’ve all seen many times. Nothing new, nothing eye grabbing to an audience, right? So after some thought, I’ve decided on some goals for this year with the blog, my flock, and some special things I would love to make happen.

For starters, I’m down to start coming up with my own fun DIY’s here on the blog for y’all to try with me. I also am trying to think of some exciting topics to spice it up on here. Maybe a series where I put some chicken keeping theories to the test or something along those lines. This year I also want to plant a giant herb garden for my chickens as well. Last year was what I like to call a beginners garden… So I’ve begun planning out a list of herbs I want to get once spring rolls around, along with plans for some raised garden beds…


I also am starting to gather information on book writing as well. One of my aspirations is to be an author, which is one reason I started this blog. Of course, there’s a lot of effort, planning, and money that goes into writing a book, which is why I’m just looking around at the moment. It’s still early on to write a book yet, but just know that the idea’s out there, though I won’t say what I’d like to write about…

By the end of this year I’m hoping that I get around to laying out plans for more landscaping around my run as well. It definitely needs a little TLC or something extra to add some color and entertainment for my flock. I feel like a more aesthetically pleasing run will make me want to spend more time outside with my flock and will make them happier. Happy flock equals happy me, am I right?

Anyways, there’s the little rundown of my plans for this year (again, I know I’m really late…but New Year’s plans are relevent any time of year). I hope this gave you a little insight on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to lately, and if you’d like to se more on what I’m doing, be sure to check out my Instagram @dancingwithchickens! See y’all soon.

Dancing with Chickens


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