The Best Green Egg Layers

I think it’s easy to say that I’m fascinated with egg colors. It doesn’t matter what color, I’m in love with all of them. Green, shades of brown, blue, or pink, it doesn’t matter. And what’s better? You don’t have to dye eggs to get these colors. There’s so many breeds of chickens out there that lay these egg colors, and they’re the best pets… in my opinion. Egg dyes are full of chemicals and are really unhealthy for you, so investing in some Easter egg layers for your flock defiantly should be on the bucket list! The most common egg color, of course, is white and brown, but why not spice it up a little and add some olive-green or chocolate-brown? Trust me, you won’t regret it. Every time I order chickens, I always consider the egg colors and how they’ll look all together. Yes, egg colors do influence my choices… sometimes. Anyways, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite green egg layers that are available on My Pet Chicken and Meyer Hatchery, my go-to hatcheries. And hopefully you consider checking out their spring hatches that are available to add some cuteness to your spring!

Beauty, a Ameraucana/ Black Copper Marens cross. She has the feathered feet and the soft feathers of the Maren and the muffs and color from the Ameraucana. 


Virginia, a Cream Legbar/ Welsummer mix. As you can see, she favors the Cream Legbar half. 

What Makes An Egg Green?

First, let’s start with what makes an egg green in the first place. To create a green egg laying chicken, hatcheries cross a brown egg layer and a blue egg layer. (ex. a Black Copper Maren and a Blue Amereucana) The dark brown and sky blue cross together to create an olive-green.

When the hen lays an egg, it starts out as white, then gets pigmented brown as it moves through the oviduct, and then is coated with a blue pigment. The blue pigment is dark enough to where it goes through the whole shell, causing the outside of the shell to be green while the inside is blue. Crazy, right? The blue-green pigment is called biliverdin, while the brown pigment is called protoporphyrin.

Multiple shades of green can be achieved, depending on how dark the parents eggs were and the chicken itself. There’s a light sage-green, olive green, and there’s darker shades like army green. My Olive Eggers from My Pet Chicken lay olive-green eggs, and they’re probably one of my favorite eggs I get.


My Favorite Green Egg Layers

There’s only two breeds of chickens that can lay a green egg (that I’ve seen), Easter Eggers and Olive Eggers. The one thing with Easter Eggers is they are crossed with Amereucanas while the other half is unknown, so they can lay any colored egg, which is where they’re name comes from. I’ve had multiple Easter Eggers in the past that layer beautiful green eggs, so definitely consider them. Check them out here on My Pet Chicken and here on Meyer Hatchery.

Of course, if you want guaranteed green eggs, then Olive Eggers are the way to go. Typically, Olive Eggers are crossed either with Cream Leg Bars and Welsummers or Black Copper Marens and Amereucanas. I have one of each from My Pet Chicken, and they’re both beautiful. You can’t pick which cross you want, of course, but both crosses lay olive colored eggs, and like I said, I’m IN LOVE with the olive-green color! Check out Olive Eggers here on My Pet Chicken and here at Meyer Hatchery.


So that’s my little cover on green eggs. I know there’s not much for green egg laying breeds, but Olive Eggers and Easter Eggers are widely available on hatchery websites all year, so I definitely recommend adding some to your flock. You won’t regret it!

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