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I began dancing at the age of 5, and am recently starting to branch out on my professional career. I’ve studied Tap, Character, Contemporary, Tumbling, Classical Ballet, and Pointe. I’ve had many performance opportunities, and one of them was to perform in the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker in a duet as a Snow Sprite.

I’ve been raising chickens my whole life, and I’ve loved every flock I’ve ever owned like they would be my last. There’s only been one outbreak of an illness while I’ve raised chickens, and it was a stress and heat induced respiratory illness. I’ve done lots of research on what’s good for chickens and what isn’t, along with tips I’ve learned or created to help your birds live as happily as they can.

*I am no vet, and this content is strictly for entertainment and tips, and any medical advice should be evaluated by a vet.





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