My Current Flock

I’ve had many flocks over the years, and with some research I was finally able to order my ideal flock. My chickens are all from My Pet Chicken and Meyer Hatchery, and they will be loved and well cared for, along with being the most spoiled chickens ever.

My flock breeds and their names:

  • Lavender Orpington (Lavender)
  • Lavender Orpington (Violet)
  • Favaucana (Midnight)
  • Favaucana (Maleficent)
  • Olive Egger (Virginia)
  • Olive Egger (Beauty)
  • Cuckoo Marens (Cookies)
  • Cuckoo Marens (Cream)
  • Black Copper Marens (Copper)
  • Black Copper Marens (Raven)
  • Blue Ameraucana (Blue)
  • Black Ameraucana (Thumbelina)
  • Easter Egger (Buttercup)
  • Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (Beatrice) – Passed Away due to what I believe to be Mareks



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